Wednesday, November 4, 2009

4 Nov 1974 born in Pärnu, Estonia ;)

.. and now im in Wilrjik-Antwerpen, Belgium..
.. celebrating my birthday in Bill's Gym ..
.. pictures are made after eating nice chocolate cake :)
.. made for local magazine "the winning team" ;)


  1. Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Gerbie:)) Happy birthday to you:))

    I hope your day like all days is blessed with love and happiness and that you will find much success in your future. Have a great day and thanks for the lovely pixs:))Perhaps now you can allow yourself a piece of cake at least now that your comp season is over for this year, lol!!:))

    With warm and loving greetings,

  2. Thanks Rhys for a nice wishes... yes i did have a nice chocolade cake and champagne :) .. and take things easier, but not with training, it is the same hard or even harder now ;)

    Same warm and loving wishes to you also :)
    Gerbel :)

  3. Ma mõtlesin su peale 4. novembril! :) Palju palju õnne veel!
    Ma olen nüüd Pärnu Spordihalli laienenud Kimberi Klubi jõusaali administraator :) Ja FITSHOP ja Aini kontor on ka siia kolitud, niiet töötan Ainiga koos :))

    Edu sulle sinna Belgiasse! Jõudu ja rõõmu edaspidiseks!