Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Black Berry event in Brussels

Hey friends,

Just a small note and few pictures :) in Coudenberg Museum.

Yesterday was 1 month anniversary of our wedding. Ohh can you imagine ;) ...We didnt really celebrate it but as there was a Black Berry event (advertisement of wonderful Black Berry) then we did celebrated it a bit in very nice way :)
This all event was where the Coudenberg Museum is in Brussels and beside the main thing ... interesting presentation, comedian show and dinner afterwards :) we visited and had a guided tour in the museum. I put also a link above of this museum.
They used beside French and Dutch language also English which helped a lot of course though my Dutch getting also better and better, at least i understood also some of this part ;) lol

Otherwise everything is very good here, still very very happy. I keep training hard and going to school for dutch language course.
Guy already started to speak with me Flemisch, so i better learn it quicker LOL... also i send text messages (with Black Berry of course ;)) in Flemisch and it gives also some practise :)

But oke, i should finish this, as it had to be a small note ;) ...tomorrow i hope to have some free time and try to upload some new videos also. :)

Till then, my best regards to all :)

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