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Monday morning

Hello everyone :)

I wake up this morning and i was so hungry LOL.. did banana and cottage cheese pancake.. though its more omelet then pancake but banana makes it sweet. So i decided to call it pancake. See recipes :)

I did few pictures of myself in bikini and it starts to come ;) .. lol .. to see the whole picture you need to be my website member. Join here. There i have little page where i do updates and developments of my body :)

On weekend we celebrated Fathers Day .. so we got for Guy little present - Silicone Powerful Magnetic Bracelet :) .. light blue color, cool :) ...hope it helps him :)
And our Lexie was during all weekend very good girl :) This night was excellent as she slept very long.. 8 hours. :)

Pity that i cant say it about this morning. Lexie had kinda cry morning but it seems now that its over.. this is afternoon and probably she got tired of it. lol

Its very nice weather, +12C, sunny and we should go for a walk again, we do at least 1 hours walking every day, what is …

Our weekend :)

Hey hey..

Time flies so quickly, this weekend Lexie became 2 month old. She is just so cute because she smiles more and more ;) ..
Väikese Lexie naeratus on nagu oravatüdrukul.. nii ilus :)

On Saturday came also to visit Guy's ma en Pol and they brought very cute present to Lexie :) .. Lexie got from papa en mama too little presents and she got a bit spoiled :) lol

On Sunday we went to Holland, to seaside.. we enjoyed very much walking there :)

Stafke is also a good boy, little animator for Lexie and master of the house as he is full time at home :)

This week will be busy, but its always good to be busy then bored lol.. dont you think :)

Anyhow, enjoy pictures ...

xx to all :)

Daily activities with Lexie

Hey hey ..

Thought to update you a bit :)
... just put Lexie to sleep after giving bath and night story...

Im doing fine.. though moslty im busy with the little one ;) .. always tired... though, Lexie is a very good girl :) .. at night sleeps usually 6-7 hours, so she lets mama to sleep ;) and i cant complain about that.
During a day, we walk a lot and do also buggyrunning, evenings we take bath and read good night story.. i read a little Estonian language book "Ugly Duck" ("Inetu Pardipoeg") which she enjoys .. seems anyhow ;) After being outside we usually fight a bit, she is always hungry after being outside and some cry is inevitable ;)

She is so sweet little girl, time flys so quickly, in couple of days she will be 2 month old. In the other hands i feel like having her already for years, kinda funny, isnt it ;) And she is growing so quickly, she is around 4 and half kilogram by now.

I do train as much as i can, wish to be able to do more .. but yeah.. its not easy .…