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Baby news :)

Hey hey... ;)

I sent out my newsletter today, after so long time. Hope you enjoy the news?! :)

Here is the NEWSLETTER Nr 22


Trip to Luxembourg

Hey hey..

I dont have lots of pictures of the last weekend trip but it was real nature trip. We went to Luxembourg to spend nice spa and nature weekend what we got from Guy's uncle for our wedding. :) Yes, only now we used the bongo card :) LOL

On the way we saw Frahan, the smallest village in the Belgium (see picture on side) and then visited Bouillon area which is lots of nature.. :) .. very lovable place for nature lovers :)

By the way, i have driven through Luxembourg before but i never went really downtown and wow.. its very sweet little city with lots of old buildings and yeah.. what i tell.. you have to see it with your own eyes, its really lovely city.

The trip was great but the weather wasnt in our side this time. It was raining most of the time and therefore we didnt walked around so much as we had planned ;) oh well.. it was nice anyhow :) lol

Here is one more pic of other little city, Clervaux, where we stayed :) and enjoyed the SPA as it was raining all day ;) lol

Best wish…

Skating in Holland

Dear all,

The weekend was great, got to do some inline skating, who has member access, there are few pictures and also video clip :)) .. it was a great small cardio :) On weekends Guy loves to go to surfing and as im not so good at it then i prefer skating instead :)) LOL

Otherwise life is nice as always, the weather is not so hot here as in Estonia but the sun is shining and its warm enough to walk outside in short sleeves.
I keep training, only wish i could go by bike to gym (by bike its 30 min to Bill's gym) and to have extra cardio but its not possible, always get headache in the evening when i have gone to gym by bike. So i keep using tram for that. Oh well, the overall strength training is good anyhow :)

The weeks are passing so quick lately and September month isnt far and the dutch language school also... but as time is passing, then the October month is really near by, i already booked tickets to Estonia. :)
Just for your information, that i will be in Estonia from 11 till 19 …

Renewed Website :)

Hey hey all,

Last week I was busy with my website, renewed it a bit.. used more fancy colors ;)
Hope you like it more then the old one?!
The biggest changes are colors and that i took away Estonian language pages. As most Estonians anyhow read and understand English then i thought that i will make things a bit easier for myself, meaning save time and hopefully can do more updating from now on :)

So enjoy and i hope to send out soon also my version of newsletter :)

With love,