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Happy Thanksgiving :)

Hey my dear friends,

Yesterday i sent out the November Newsletter to my dear friends and fans and supporters :)
Hereby i would like to thank you again for all the support and love you have given me. What i would do without you?!

Thank you for everything, God Bless You and have a lovely Thanksgiving!
Happy Thanksgiving Card for you! :)

Here is something to read if you have time:
The History of Thanksgiving

With Love,

......And a nice Thanksgiving light meal for you too, i will include it to my recepies page also in the evening :)

Thanksgiving Vegetables

2 (1-lb) bags fresh broccoli and cauliflower florets
4 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil
3/4 tsp. Salt
1/4 tsp. black pepper
2 Tbsp. slivered almonds

1. Preheat oven to 425 F degrees. Spray a larged rimmed baking sheet with non stick spray.
2. Combine the broccoli, cauliflower, salt, and pepper in a large bowl. Toss to coat. Spread the vegetables on the baking sheet. Roast until golden brown and tender, about 25 min, turning once halfway through the co…

1st Place in Bench Press :)

Hey my dear friends,

Finally i got first place ;) .. see the news. There are links to the picture galleries and results as well :)

The contest was great, i feel happy i made the personal record 82,5kg and i must admit that after i did it, i felt that i could have done also 85 or even more. I had some power left. Just i didnt want to risk.
We, with Ott Kiivikas, had open there also a box and after my contest was finished i was behind the desk and offered protein bars and shakes and measured bodyfat who wanted ;) .. it was cool event and i suppose who participated will say the same :)

The contest was in Tartu and the weather was ugly. From Tartu i went directly to Pärnu, visited Aire and Agnes and on Sunday visited also my mom and brother, Alar. They all doing fine :)

Today, my God, i drove from Pärnu to Tallinn almost 3 hours and its only 130km. The snow storm was so bad that all the traffic was very slow, drove about 50-60km/hour .... unbelievable, isnt it?! .. It was my longe…

Website updates

Hey my dear readers,

Just a small note that i updated my website (news, galleries and etc). Though i must apologize to my members.. i will update there also some stuff soon, hopefully i have time for that tomorrow :)

Here is a 2007 and 2008 contest pictures for comparison. :)

Have a nice week, i'll write here soon again :)

My best to all of you,

Got second place

Dear readers and my friends and fans,

Just a small note before i go to sleep... the contest was good though i didnt do as well i wanted and got second place this year. Merike Sula was more ripped this time and she won. Though the life is going on and i keep got a great experience again and learned working out, eat properly and do my best for the next contest which is planned for next year spring. So, i a lot, at least this time i did dieting much better as i didnt loose so much muscle weight as it was a case last year contest.

Soon i will get also some pictures and then i will update my website also and put pics up and so forth.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and take a good care,
Gerbel :)

16 Nov at 2200hrs:
Here i put few pictures.. more will be available soon also in my website.

More pictures made by Merle :)

15 Nov.. the contest day morning

Hey hey,

Im so nervous that i didnt sleep, woke up every hour and saw silly dreams.. now i got up and looking and doing thought my posing and routine.. ohhh.. measurements and so on.
What can i say .. i hope and pray that i have done all the necessary preparations and that i dont miss anything.. and dont forget anything as im so forgety lately.

Dear God, thank you for everything, that i could go through the hardest part, the preparation part, please give me power to jump over the last tale (so to say) and let me do my best, i have done everything what is in my power, now its your turn :) Amen.

Ok.. i continue here.. who coming to see the contest, enjoy the show :) ... who cant come, it will be recorded and you can see it afterwards.. also pictures will be available.
Link for more info

My very best regards to all of you :)
Your Gerbel

As planned, Sunday's blog :)

Hello my dear friends,

As always i find time to update my website and write something into my blog only on Sunday (almost ;)).
Last week was busy, though lots of positive emotional experiences made the week just perfect :)
First of all i want to thank everyone for nice and happy wishes for my birthday! As you know i didnt really celebrated it, i had the same routine as every day but doing my trainings and being at work came a lovely day for me, my colleagues and costumers and all other friends worldwide made my day on Tuesday the 4th :) Thanks again!

Oke.. now its only one week to go and be ready for the contest. Im scared, nothing will come easy! You know what i mean, so i continue working on my routine and posings as long as its over.
Here is a link with information for any case if someone would like to come to Salme Kultuurikeskus, Salme street 12, Tallinn, on 15 Nov 2008 to the contest. Doors will be open from 1600hrs and championship starts at 1700hrs.

I wish you a great upcoming week…

Happy Birthday Gerbel ;)))))))))

Dear Friends,

Wrote in the morning:
Again older and i really forgot how old i became and made myself already few month ago the age i reached now ;) .. silly me :PPP

Have a nice day to you all and let force be with you!

Wrote in the evening:
Me again, yeah.. what can i say, my birthday was nice.
I got lots of text messages and e-cards from my friends and thank you for that very much to all of you!
Also, thank you to my colleagues in for nice wishes and flowers.
Rosin and Greta, you are great, thank you again for so sweet present :) .. i love this shirt ;)
Thank you, Rhys, for so sweet flowers and present and all the support you are giving.. by the way, i will start to read this book from 1st of January ;) .. will read it accordingly, each day one thought ;)
And more, thank you to all clients who took a candie for my birthday :P what i offered in the shop ;)

Otherwise the day was as usual, no parties or anything, in the morning did my cardio and chest, delts day and in the eveni…

Busy week behind and continue with full power

Hey dear Friends,

Ohh, i had a busy week behind, full of morning cardio and lihgt gym trainings and work, and evening trainings (heavy trainings)... though its good to be busy. Only thing what i alsways miss is to stay home and enjoy the peace i have here. I really love and enjoy to be at home :)

But i had nice week and also very good weekend :)

Yesterday i was so busy with cleaning up the flat and started to make bread again.
The evening (actually from 3pm) was longer as i wanted it to be, finished my day only at 2am in the morning. What i did.. i did some translation for the movie "Bonsuna" and read English language translation into it, so it means for you who dont know Estonian, its possible also to see the movie in English. As well there will be available a Russian version. Also Joker, who made the movie, helped me and we put together a perfect music for my posing. Thank you, Joker :) It means now i need to start quickly to put together the posing routine according this mus…