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With Lexie in Middelheim park :)

Hey hey,

Today we went with Lexie to playground in Middelheim park. Its a fun place to go and usually it takes around 45min to get there from my home, i mean by foot. If we can then we try not to use any public transportation ;)
Anyhow it was lot of fun, she met some nice girls and boys around her age, mainly older but in size smaller ;) funny heee. She is really above average tall girl ;) lol
After playing she was knocked out and slept all road back home. Of course, when we entered the front door then she woke up and she was again full of energy, taking Stafke's sofa and Stafke was very pissed LOL

Btw, she has already 10 teeth, few days ago she got left side behind teeth (one up and one down). Hope she will sleep now better as she still doesnt sleep a night througth but as there are still 10 more teeth to go then i suppose the sleepless nights will continue.

After this sickness i try to have more rest and from next week start real training again, hope my body will work with me as i…

Happy International Women's Day :) and few interesting links :)

Hey hey..

For tomorrow i wish all women Happy Women's Day!! :)

Yeah.. Im still sitting in hospital and have time to surf around and watch some movies from YouTube.
Would share them with you as i found them motivational.

Six Pack Abs Shortcuts! - "13 Tips to 6 PACK ABS"Fast Five Abs Workout - "Fast and Furious 6 Pack!"Fat Track To Fat Loss - MotivationSit Down And Get Fit - Kim LyonsOnline-stopwatchHope you find also something motivational?! :)Yours,
Gerbel :)


Hello dear friends,

Yeah, havent been online for a while nor havent had possibility to check emails till now. Why? You asking...
Because i got sick, very badly actually (pneumonia) and now the recovery will be long. Last week Wednesday had my last hard training and after it i went home and by the time i got home i had temperature 40 already.. very bad, so i was struggling with the fever but also with breathing and by Thursday late evening my husband had to bring me to hospital as i wasnt able to breath almost at all. I think i was in time with the treatment and the recovery is good though it will take few more weeks for sure till i can start with real trainings and workouts as im used to. :( .. but everything will go well.. i keep being positive.

Hope it will not harm my plans to compete in May. I do my best to get well soon and continue with my trainings. Presently im still in hospital, not happy about that.

Lexie is with papa at home and they are doing fine, though we see that Lexi…