Sunday, January 16, 2011

Lexie & mama going tomorrow home :)

Hey, hey...

Tomorrow, Monday, we are going home, juppiiiiiii
Then Lexie will meet also the hairy cat who sometimes stepped or lied on her when she was still in mama's belly ;) lol
We both wondering with Guy how our cute cat Stafke reacts when he sees Lexie, little angel ;)

I have here small link.
Lexie and the meaning: LEXIE

And some today's pictures...

When i get home i can make updates also in the website :) .. from hospital its a bit complicated ;)

Kisses xx


  1. Kallis Gerbel!!!! See on fantastilene. Õnnitlen ja ootan, et saaksin väikest tüdrukutirtsu näha. Parimate soovidega Piret T.

  2. :) Tule külla :) .. ise veel ei tea millal Eestisse saab, kõik oleneb sellest pisikesest tüdrukutirtsust ;) xx