FIBO 2016 and prep for WBBF Universe 2016

Hello my dear friends,

I know, it has been ages me blogging. Time just flys ;) no excuses.

Fibo this year was as always great, met nice people, had nice photo and videoshoots and of course i had a good time :)
Some pics from Fibo 2016

And now i get ready for WBBF UNIVERSE 2016 in Maastrich, Holland, contest, what is already this weekend on Saturday.
After that actually i have alraedy planned to go to Lithuania to compete on 14 May 2016 WFF-WBBF "AMBER PRIX INTERNATIONAL" in Kretinga.
Busy last months ;) but thats oke.. i love my present shape and i will give my best.

Wish me luck!

So soon will be new pictures, contest pictures and i hope to update my website ( also soon :) Keep you posted :) 

Best wishes to all,
Always yours,
Gerbel xx


  1. I only can say...perfect!keep posting please.

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  3. liked the content , keep it coming. nice page. big fan of Dorian Yates... he is a great inspiration.


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