Friday, January 14, 2011

Lexie born 12 Jan 2011

Hey hey.. jupiiiiii :) wonderful news :)

We made it!

Our little babygirl, we named her Lexie, was born on Wednesday, 12 Jan at 11.38,
weight 2,645g and length 48,5cm.

Everything went well, though the birth was harder than i expected but it was 200% worth and the pain is already forgotten. She is gorgeous. What a wonderful new year gift we both with daddy have :)

If she is doing fine, picking nicely some weight then we can go home on Sunday. Our cat Stafke misses us ;) lol.. so we have to go home :)

Daddy is the same happy and proud as mama :) .. and thanks daddy that you were with us during this hard moment when little angel Lexie was born :)

Thank you also all for your nice wishes and comments in Facebook :)

Kisses :)))))))))


  1. Nunnud olete! Nüüd peab küll õige varsti külla tulema. Kasvõi nädalavahetuseks. Pisikesekesekene on ta küll, aga küll ta kasvab, kus ta pääseb.


  2. Congrats, dear!!!!!
    Birth was very painfull? Long?
    Due 15.02.11 Baby gaga

  3. Thx .. it was painful, yes.. but now i cant remember it anymore ;) lol .. and not so long.. as i have more muscles then average, then the thing is, that they working actually against you during giving birth.. cos if you push then your pelvic muscles doesnt want to relax and stretch .. not so easy anyway.. but all went good and the baby came out nicely ;) .. 2kg and 645g :)