Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy 2011 :)

Heheee.. and now its 2011 and it will be a great year for everyone .. :)
Happy 2011 to all of you :)

The new year came silent in our family. You know, you dont make a big party with the belly i have.. ;) lol.. and as im quite tired all the time then i prefiered to stay home. Unfortunately there wasnt possible to see the fireworks as the weather in Antwerpen was full of heavy fog. There was possible to see only some lightings on the sky ;) lol
Otherwise it was good, though i got some cold and now fighting with the running nose. Oh well, it is better already :) and there are no any temperature.. thats good :)

Tomorrow will have a doctor visit and then we will see how far i am with the birth ;) Im so much looking already forward to the birth, wish she will born already today if .. lol .. We are ready! ;)

Yesterday i did little workout and gave also my last trainings, so now i will have some rest before i get myself to work again :) .. and hopefully the baby will born soon .. very soon ;) lol

Oo, btw, about the weights and measurements :)
Im very happy with the weight gain, i mean i didnt gain too much, im still nicely 70kg, though i know that my muscles are not so pumped and not as heavy as they used to be.. but the weight is good if i consider that in June i was 63 kg for my contest, though i was already then pregnant and the weight should have been 1-2kg less, but my body kept liquid inside.
I also measured myself :)
My belly is 96cm, also not so big i guess.
The baby inside is also small ;) lol..
Im now near to 38 weeks and a week ago she was 2600g and around 44cm. Which is a little smaller then average babys ;) But till she is healthy and fine then everything will be good :)

During Christmas time we did spontaniously one picture with Guy's mobile... it came out quite cute lol.. so i put it up here too ;)

And here is our cute cat with nice new year wish for all of you :) .. that all your dreams come true in 2011 :) xx .. and thank you for your friendship xx :)


  1. Head Uut Aastat teilegi sinna! :) kallistused kõigile karvastele ja sulelistele ja aitähhid kaardi eest.
    Me olime ka kodused aastavahetusel. Üritan võimalikult ruttu videomaterjali esitlemisvalmis saada :)

    Kallid ja Päikest!

    P.S. ja meil on nüüd EURO :)

  2. ehee.. tean, et Euro... kuidas see ka töötab? ;)