Hard training week :)

Huuh.. tired as hell .. its Friday and again one week is over what has been hard as hell considering trainings. I train every morning Tuesday till Friday at Bill Richardson gym, so 4 days per week. My trainings are usually divided into 2 days: Chest, back, bics, abs are on one day and another day are Legs, delts and trics; and so i do 2 times all my muscle groups through every week. By the end of the week im really tired and need my weekend off. On weekend i usually dont train, just walk a lot.
I will start doing also more cardio after my vacation to Estonia, so on 6 August i come back from Estonia and then continue my normal gym routine + 30 min cardio after every gym training. It will be hard, i already do it sometimes after training but its not a routine yet, so i dont do it as often as want it to do beginning from August.
I hope to do some pictures in gym next week to share my development but here is one back pic and im actually happy how i have done so far :)

Im so happy and lucky that i met Bill and i love to train with him. He pushes my limits, so i take so heavy weights that i never thought im able to ;) cool he ;)
Of course, as the following pic shows, Lexie also enjoys to be in gym and Bill is the same, enjoys Lexie ;) lol



  1. may I ask if you still train with bill
    If so Would you be so kind to provide me contact data for him that I can try to contact bill about the who's and what's of his gym

  2. Hello Steve, Yes i train still at Bill's. The best way to contact him is to go to gym yourself, Stenenbrug 48, 2140 Borgerhout. Phone at gym is 032355359


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