Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Estonia is calling (28Jul-6Aug)

Hey heiiiiii,

Yes, yes... Estonia is calling :) :) .. i start to get anxious ;) Last time i was in Estonia was in October last year and i had still the baby belly ;) lol

So on Thursday early early morning me and Lexie will leave to Estonia. We get there only 1700 to Pärnu, my home town, where we stay most of the time.
We stay at mam's place, Lexie will meet her granny first time and i have so many friends to visit. Cant wait to see them all :)

So, i get to Pärnu 28 July evening and leave back to Belgium on 6 August early morning. I will not be in Pärnu on 3 August, then we go with Lexie to Tallinn and meet there also some friends :)

For Tallinn people - i will plan to visit some gyms, not for training unfortunately... So i certainly visit Zelluloos and Sparta. Probably Zelloloos in morning time and in Sparta i plan to be between 13-1500hrs.. there is also a nice cafe as i remember and will be there and also in Fitshop :) .. anyhow if you are around then it will be lovely to see you there too :)

In Pärnu, you may see me everywhere i guess, its a small town ;) lol... I for sure visit there Kimber's Club and visit it more then once i guess, planning to do some training there. I will be more in old gym though, in Ringi street. Would be happy to see you too ;)

Oke... i still have to pack but i think i do it tomorrow afternoon after gym. I have legs, delts, triceps, abs training tomorrow and probably also cardio as planned :)
Today i had chest and back and abs and cardio.. loved it :)

See you soon in Pärnu and Tallinn :)
Peatse kohtumiseni xxx
Always your Gerbel :)

PS! on the first picture above, Lexie is 2 days old .. and now she is already so big girl, 6 and half month :)