Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Happy 6 month birthday our little Lexie :)

Hey my friends,

Did you know that today it was 6 month ago i gave a birth our little babygirl Lexie ;) Lovely.. Here are few pic what we ate and what we will eat in the evening.. ;)

I made one of my favorite dessert of my childhood called "Mannavaht" :) It was for me also very very long time ago i ate it ;) lol...

... i didnt do any birthday cake, it will be for sure when she gets 1 year :) .. cant wait ;) lol
Anyhow, she is 8kg and already 68cm tall girl.. above the average as doctors are saying ;) lol

Enjoy... :) .. and by the way, in Lexie's gallery, there are new pictures from this, July month... also her gym pictures. She is the youngest member lol. Click on the picture with Bill and it brings you to her gallery ;)

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