Sunday, April 3, 2011

Soon at Fibo :)

Hey hey,

Cool.. will go soon to Fibo again.. cant wait :)

Lexie will stay with Patricia and her family and we with Guy can go to Fibo on 16 April to Essen, Germany.

The day before yesterday i sent out also my newsletter, if you havent read it then click on the banner below:
Yesterday we went to Holland to Baby Dump and we bought to Lexie little sofa chair. Of course our lovely cat Stafke occupied it. Can imagine already how Lexie and Stafke will fight for the chair when Lexie starts to sit and walk around :) ;) lol
Here is the picture of Stafke ;) lol

xxx to all and enjoy the Spring weather :)
.. we do enjoy it fully here in Antwerpen with nice sunny weather :) x


  1. :) Robi ütles, et Kurrile ei tohi seda pilti näidata ... hakkab ka muidu tahtma :)

    Aga siis kaunist kevadet teile sinna ... meil ka hakkab vaikselt lõppude lõpuks ehk lumest vabanema maa ... ja porimülgastes müttamine on eestlaste lemmiksport ju :)

  2. Einoh.. siis tuleb ikka Kurrile ka tugitool muretseda ;) .. irw xx
    kena kevadet jah, meil siin on mõnusalt soe juba.. :) xx