Saturday, April 30, 2011

My training and Lexie's new sunglasses

Hey, i thought i will write few lines :)

My training is going very good, i do 4 x per week hard gym training (Tue till Fri), meaning all muscles groups 2 times through and its wonderful :) .. Every morning when i wake up around 6-7 i have to wake up Lexie to go to gym, yes, she sleeps very well at night. Then she eats, we go to gym, where i have usually my breakfast (oatmeal with why protein) and in the gym she continues sleeping while i train or if she wakes up then i let her to watch TV, yeah, its kinda for keeping her off from crying. When im done with my training then of course the first thing is to give food for her and also eat myself :) Usually everything takes time and i get home only around 12-13hrs.
Here is one picture me and my trainer Bill Richarson (pic made yesterday). :)

Today is Saturday and we went Decatlon, the sports shop, what we bought.. always Lexie gets something, today she got sunglasses and beach suit. So we are ready for the beach and swim ;) lol Cool hee ;)

Enjoy your weekend too :)