Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Fibo 2011 in Essen, Germany

Hey hey..

Fibo was great.. nice event :) as always. It was now 2nd time i went there and yeah.. there wasnt so much new but it was still fun, i took part in some power contests and won nice prices, why not eheheeee ;)

But after this weekend i got sick, damn.. and Guy also followed me.. hope Lexie will not get it (ptuiptuiptui), till now she is fine :) .. though we tryed to keep distance and wash hands and so forth as much as possible :)

On weekend Lexie stayed with Patricia and lots of thanks to her.. i even couldnt go to gym this week because of the fever and stomack pain.... so.. i hope to be in shape asap :)

But yeah, Fibo itself was great, i met some people who i met also last year and it was fun :)

I put up some pictures to FaceBook and for members there are more.... YouTube has also some new videos ;)

xx to all :)

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