Thursday, September 2, 2010

Terug naar school ;)

Hey hey,

Yeah, back to school (terug naar school - in dutch). Today i had my first dutch lesson with the new class, new teacher and classmates from various countries :) .. Let me confess that few days ago i didnt look so much forward to it but after today's lesson i think i really will enjoy it :)

Other then school...
I keep going to gym and working out. I take a bit easy with the training though due to my pregnancy, i get to gym up to 3 times per week and then try to walk a lot.
Im not so strict with my diet either, sometimes allow pancakes or pizza what are presently my favorite cheat meals. Its strange how pregnancy has changed my appetite.. some changes of course are not so good for my sport as i dont enjoy or dont like to eat eggs and chicken and nuts. So, instead of morning eggs i eat now dark bread with cheese, which is not so bad but .... you know what i mean ;)
Good is, of course, that i dont long for ice cream and chocolate and other sweeties or candies... and i prefer apples, pears and plums :) Seems i could eat tons of them LOL... Good hee?! ;)

The baby, grows and is now 4 and half month, so its half way to go and everythings is fine, i feel good, but i get tired quickly... so i try to take sometimes (doesnt happen so often though) a little afternoon nap ;) .. i put here also recent, today made, picture of me.. getting bigger ;) lol

Oke.. i hope to write again some day .. till then :)


  1. Tere Gerbie:))

    How's the baby doin, apart from kickin around in it's mothers womb in da middle of the night, lol!!!
    Hop training is going well and best wishes for the new academic year:))


  2. heheee.. Rhys.. thank you .. hope to put up more pictures soon.. :))
    My belly is growing nicely ;) lol

  3. Kallid :) nii ullult heameel Teie kõigi pärast (nüüd teid ju kolm) :)

    Ole sama tubli edasi ja puhka ikka rohkem ;)

  4. hei Teeleke :) tänan ja loomulikult.. tegelt puhkan päris hästi ;) .. oma 8-10 tundi magan keskmiselt .. ja vahest teen ka lõunauinaku kui aeg lubab :) xx
    Kallistused teile kõigile seal ... big nurr Kurrile ;) irw xx