Sunday, September 26, 2010

23 weeks - baby belly gets bigger ;)

Hey hey,

Well, here i am... baby belly is growing, baby is healthy and kicking... and i feel really good :) Upcoming week will go to doctor visit again and see again how much the baby has grown ;)
Who is my website member then he/she can see also in my pictures gallery more pictures from this pics series and also how my baby looks and waves :)

The weekend was great. Today i spend time at home, cleaned and did all kind of work in house but yesterday i had lovely evening with my great American friend Maxine and her friends. It was actually Flemish dinner, meaning all evening we spoke and practiced our dutch/vlaams language. Most of the participants were originally from abroad who now live here and learning this language :) .. we had really lots of nationalities and for a while the noise in the Maxine's flat sounded like we were in some night bar.

I met so nice and interesting people and got great new friends :) Lovely, thank you Maxine.
Thanks for inviting and thanks for such an effort doing and managing all of it. I really look forward to the next Flemish dinner during Christmas time or whenever, earlier, later then that. :)) And thank you all who made the evening such a success!! :)

I guess the last double biceps picture is really funny with the belly.. isnt it!? So i had to put it up here LOL

Hope you had the same great weekend and i will soon let you know how everything goes and is :)

Till then,
My best to all,
Gerbel ;)

PS! The last survivors at Flemish dinner ;)

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