Friday, September 17, 2010

Last weekends activites :)

Hey hey...

Just thought to write few lines and put up some pictures :)

Found some cute pictures from last weekend. As the weather was wonderful then we went to walk to the park in Antwerpen.... we have gone there more then once before but as the park is kinda spreaded then to that part we went first time and i was surprised that it was like a zoo ;)


And here are two more nice pictures.. one is at Guy's sisters place, yeah..... acturally i dont know how to play piano but for the pic it doesnt look bad LOL

...and the last one is taken in Holland at Delta Works. I visited the place in 1999 when i was studying in Holland for 3 month.. so it brought some nice memories ;) LOL

Now its also almost weekend and what will happen this weekend .. dont know yet.. should do some shopping though ;) lol

xx and enjoy also your the weekend,
Gerbel :)

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