Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Year 2010 start

Hey my dear friends :)

I have had a great start of the year.

Yeah.. finally all the celebrations are over and i can start small dieting as i had lots of cheating during December month.
The Christmas we celebrated with Guy at home, i made usual Estonian Christmas food and New Years Eve we went out and visited our friends of the friends and had really a lovely evening, long though as we got back home around 5am :) .. but the food was delicious :)
There was 2 dogs and 3 cats, amazing. Here are 3 pictures of some of the pets ;) This grey dog is really ugly but he was fun ;)

Otherwise i keep studying flemisch, will have my first level exam on 26th of January, as i remember and its going well. One of my new years resolution was to start speaking flemisch also at home or any possible time, place. Guy is a bit inpatient with my talking though ;) LOL

I put also up one link of FIBO 2010 in Germany, see the News page. There is also a official link and on 24-25 April we plan to go to Essen to that nice event. Would be nice to see you also there, dear blog reader :)

What else ... yeah..

Also you see two nice pictures ;) ... just thought to put here few taken this morning when one nice friend visited me in Antwerpen.
Helena is from Knokke and a competitor in bodyfitness (bikini) and you might recognize her from some other pictures, from last year contest pictures, taken in Belgium in October. Anyhow we had a great morning at my place, lot of talking and here are few small pictures :) Please know, that she is a Miss Belgium competitor, dont know which year but she is a lovely girl :)
Helena :) Thank you for your visit and hope to have soon a great training with you :)

Oke.. i will finish here.. and hope to do some more updates soon :)

Wish a good health and lots of love for 2010!!
Your Gerbel


  1. Hi Gerbel,

    I like to read your blog. Perhaps, we will meet at the FIBO... ;-)

    Can You speak from my homepage to Helena?
    I would be happy to open her an profile in my homepage.

    Hope to read her soon ;-)

    Best Regards

  2. Sure Thierry.. i will see her tomorrow and speak about your website, but i will send you her contacts by mail that you can contact her yourself .. oke :)
    Hugs :)