Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some great shows and my studies

Dear all,

Uhh.. the last weeks have been busy but its lovely. I have trained a lot, sometimes even twice a day.. wonderful.

I dont talk today too much but i will put up few pictures ;) See them and make your own conclusions ;)

Anyhow have visited in Brussels few shows: Erotic Feest and Auto Museum and then Auto Salon. Wow, two picture i have with my new car "Tesla" ;) .. yeah.. i wish ;) .. joking of course, i cant afford it lol...but it was a nice one. ;)

26 Jan, on Tuesday, will have the exam of the Flemisch language (1.2 level).
Wish me luck ;) ... Surely will let you know how it went, get my results on Friday :)

Enjoy your week and stay healthy!
Gerbel :))


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  2. WOW!!!!! Nice girl living in the fast lane:)) Now i can promise you a lot of things in life, but sadly not a car like this, hahaha:)) Well, maybe if i win the lotto who knows:)))

    Enjoy the rest of your week.

    Kind regards,