Monday, May 6, 2013

Planckedael Zoo and Trip to London

Hey my dear friends,

Last week was lovely, on Wednesday the 1st May we visited Planckendael Zoo and looked all the animals, specially elephants and Lexie had lots of play and climbing as you will see on the pics. She doesnt scare any highs and animals ;) she is one of the crazy little girl.

And on weekend we went to London, it was very spontaneous trip as we decided to go there on Saturday morning and by 5-6pm we were crossed over with ferry and drove towards London. We stayed in Ibis hotel and late evening we drove through the city. Next morning we did drive a lot again in London city and it was fun. Yesterday late evening we were back hope in Antwerpen.
We were a bit concerned about the other side driving but Guy is an expert and he did very fine, in city we didnt see any foreign car number plates. I, myself, wouldnt dare to drive there though ;)
Lexie loved the ferry trip, im saying she is not scared of anything! ;)
Trip was really fun and thx Guy for making it possible :) xx
Hope next time we come there longer and see more and perhaps see you too who live near by?! ;)

Oke, here are links to Facebook .. there are some selected pictures :)

Planckendael Zoo

Trip to London
Enjoy, Gerbel

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