Thursday, August 18, 2011

Visit to Estonia 28Jul-6Aug :)

Hey my dear friends :)

Few hours ago i got back from gym. I did shoulders, triceps, legs, abs and 30 min bike and as i managed to update Lexie's picture gallery yesterday then i had to write a blog about my Estonian trip too :) .. and put up some pictures and vidoes from this August month overall.

Our holiday with Lexie was great, Lexie behaved herself very good in plain and bus and it was easy trip to and also back.. though the trip back was a bit more work and entertainment ;) lol.. Alone to travel with 7 month old baby is not easy.. papa stayed home ;)

Lexie saw first time in her own eyes her Estonian granny, she was very happy to see her too.. and as i organized pc there then now we have nice video conferences with Skype where my mam can see her developments :)

It was tiring trip and i even got homesick.. yeah.. can you i magine, i got homesick being in Estonia. ;) My home is in Belgium now, so its normal i guess ;)

Every day was planned with something, meeting fiends and going somewhere :)
With my mam and Lexie we did long walkings in Pärnu, that was great :) and it was also great to spend some time with my best friends in Pärnu. One day we visited also Tallinn and it was funny to see the old gyms i used to go.
During this 1 week i did only twice gymtraining in Kimber's old and new club. Other then that the week was low cardio week with lots and lots of walking.

Thanks to my new friends Brydge & Co i got even to drive with water board behind a boat on Pärnu river. I have done before (years ago) water ski and i found it easy. With a board it was really hard to get on and after many trys finally i did one short drive lol. .. and i felt it hardly even one week after while i was back in Belgium and doing my old gym routine, my grip was so weak. Now 2 weeks after im oke and can hold bars and so forth with my full power again ;)

About Lexie more, she got her first teeth just after we arrived to Pärnu, then she sits and rolles over very easily and yesterday she stood up holding a bars in her playground, i made of course video of that, its really cool. Then she is keeping talking, its really funny, dont understand anything what she is telling but conversations are very serious ;) lol

So, anyhow, go to Lexie's gallery and enjoy the August month pictures and videos :)

Best wishes to all and enjoy the last month of summer :)
Always your Gerbel :)

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