Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday morning

Hello everyone :)

I wake up this morning and i was so hungry LOL.. did banana and cottage cheese pancake.. though its more omelet then pancake but banana makes it sweet. So i decided to call it pancake. See recipes :)

I did few pictures of myself in bikini and it starts to come ;) .. lol .. to see the whole picture you need to be my website member. Join here. There i have little page where i do updates and developments of my body :)

On weekend we celebrated Fathers Day .. so we got for Guy little present - Silicone Powerful Magnetic Bracelet :) .. light blue color, cool :) ...hope it helps him :)
And our Lexie was during all weekend very good girl :) This night was excellent as she slept very long.. 8 hours. :)

Pity that i cant say it about this morning. Lexie had kinda cry morning but it seems now that its over.. this is afternoon and probably she got tired of it. lol

Its very nice weather, +12C, sunny and we should go for a walk again, we do at least 1 hours walking every day, what is good for me and certainly for Lexie :)

xx to all :)


  1. Hey Gerbie,
    Many thanks for the lovely card, that was so sweet and kind of you and Guy,and i hope all is well:)) Thanks for taking the time in which to post them awesome training clips, and good to see your're back in action after having Lexie:))
    Keep up the splendid work and have a wonderful weekend!:))

    Warmest greetings,

  2. Hey Rhys :) .. thx for comment and nice wishes .. We doing very fine and as i got your previous letter then i see you are doing well too ;) .. lovely to hear that :)
    xxx Kisses :)