Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Daily activities with Lexie

Hey hey ..

Thought to update you a bit :)
... just put Lexie to sleep after giving bath and night story...

Im doing fine.. though moslty im busy with the little one ;) .. always tired... though, Lexie is a very good girl :) .. at night sleeps usually 6-7 hours, so she lets mama to sleep ;) and i cant complain about that.
During a day, we walk a lot and do also buggyrunning, evenings we take bath and read good night story.. i read a little Estonian language book "Ugly Duck" ("Inetu Pardipoeg") which she enjoys .. seems anyhow ;) After being outside we usually fight a bit, she is always hungry after being outside and some cry is inevitable ;)

She is so sweet little girl, time flys so quickly, in couple of days she will be 2 month old. In the other hands i feel like having her already for years, kinda funny, isnt it ;) And she is growing so quickly, she is around 4 and half kilogram by now.

I do train as much as i can, wish to be able to do more .. but yeah.. its not easy ... but i do train :)

She looks around nicely and starts to crap things.. develops great ;)

Few pictures :))))
xxx for you all :)

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