Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas in Ardennes :)

Hey my dear friends :)

In my facebook i have already these pictures out.. notised that i should perhaps put some of them also here ;) and with little text :)

On 25 Dec, free day, no work, so we thought that why not to drive to Ardennes (little info in wikipedia). All Belgium was and still is under snow, what is not so common and as i come from Estonia, where the snow in winter is really very normal then i enjoyed it fully. Guy enjoyed it too, of course :) .. If here in Antwerpen the temperature was -3 C then in Ardennes there was -11C .. nice difference, ...and it is just 1 and half hour or 2 hours driving distance.

We went to the highest point in Belgium, the Signaal van Botrange, 694m, (info about it in wikipedia). Its a first picture here and behind me you can see stairs to make the highest point 700m ;) Cool he ;)
On a way we did few nature pictures and also at the waterfalls :)

What i find funny, i looked up the last winter pictures. I knew that we went also then to Ardennes and guess what?! It was the same day, 25 Dec 2009, we went to Ardennes, but then it was much less snow, and you could find snow only in Ardennes area :) What a coincidence ;)

We came back to Antwerpen thought Germany and Holland, yeah.. the borders over there arent so far away ;) was fun.. :) .. and when we got home around 9pm then our cat didnt talked to us that evening as he had to be at home all day alone .. LOL ;) ...poor cat ;) lol... in "cat page" there are also few new pictures :)

The baby ;)
.. how she is doing?! She is fine i guess ;) .. will have the doctor visit tomorrow.
She still keeps kicking, even she doesnt have room for that ;)
The baby should be by now ~2,600g and i have few more weeks to go. I wish she comes out sooner, i mean "now" ;) lol

Oke.. enjoy the pictures if you havent seen them already and till my next blog :)

Kisses for upcoming New Year's celebrations, enjoy it fully with your friends and family :)

Gerbel :) x

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