Wednesday, December 8, 2010

34 week - a bit more :)

Hey hey :)

Just a quick blog before i go to bed :)

Baby is fine, already 2kg and every week gains 150-200g... incredible .. :)
I go to doctor once a week and this week even twice.

The cat is also funny, sometimes loves to clime to my belly and stay there.. of course when Guy tryed to make picture then he runs away .. so i had to keep him on place for a second to make this picture here ;) lol

Still going to school, working and doing things at home. Dont do training as i used to. Just easy little exercises and prenatal training. Eating.. healthy i guess.. veggies, meats, milk products, carbs. And the weight stays on 71kg presently. Good! :) Only thing that our scale stopped working and i cant live without it. So this weekend we have to go to shop to find a new one :)

Anyhow, December month is almost in the middle and soon there will be Christmas. Before that i certainly send out this year's last newsletter.

Oke.. enjoy the month and keep away from candies and cookies ;) lol
...though treat yourself sometimes :)

Gerbel :)

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