Sunday, November 21, 2010

31 weeks pregnancy

Hey my dear friends,

I thought to write few lines how it is going with my pregnancy ;) ... im full 31 weeks now :)
It goes well, lately though it is getting harder, the belly is big, so its all the time on my way, hard to put shoes or socks on. The babygirl loves to kick, turn and what else inside me and it makes me sometimes feel even dizzy. Ohh, what i am complaining, actually i love the moving and kicking feeling. :)

My weight is still 71kg, already long time, few month, it keeps to be the same.. dont know if its good and that is one question to my doctor tomorrow as i have a visit then. Till last visit baby growth was good, so i hope everything is also good now :) But I have lots of questions to doctor by now, had to even write them down that i dont forget them. :)

Otherwise i still do everythings i am used to do: study, work, training, housekeeping, taking care of my sweet husband, also more sweeter future baby and etc... and of course our cat, who is living with us already 1 month now. Life is flying very quickly. I remember very clearly the baby news in mid June, how shocked i and Guy was.

I put here also one picture for you and for dear members there more in my pictures gallery how the belly is looking now ;)

Oke.. its Sunday and should do little walk i guess or something... so i leave now.

Enjoy also rest of your weekend ;)
xx Gerbel


  1. Mäletan, et mul raseduse ajal kaal vahepeal lausa langes, kuid laps kasvas kenasti edasi. Seega polnud muretsemiseks põhjust. Loodan, et teil sujub ka kõik kenasti ja 9 nädala pärast näeme juba väikese tirtsu pilte :)
    Kas nimi on juba valmis valitud?

  2. Hei hei Jackie.. mm.. good to know :) .. ega ta kauaks enam jää ;) irw
    Tervitused Pärnu rahvale ka :)