Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation trip to Turkey :)

Hey my dear family, friends, fans and all who read it :)

We had a great vacation to Turkey in the end of last month.
Klick here and see some of the pictures and if you are a member in my site then have a look also to video section :)

We looked for last minute trip whereever, we just wanted it to be cheap, in sunny place, with lots of water, easy to go and all inclusive :) .. and so we went to Kervan Saray in Torba, Turkey. The main city on the coast was few km's away, Bodrum, and that we visited also. It was really a great time we had there but one week was too short.. ;))) LOL

On the pictures you can see all what we did: laying on the sun, swimming, kayaking, shopping in Bodrum (night time), a bit training and posing LOL and just had a great time :)

We met lots of fun and nice people too.. greetings to them :)

Now its the normal life routine back and enjoying the sun here :)

Best wishes and enjoy your vacations too,

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