Friday, July 23, 2010

End of July

Hey my friends,

I know, i havent written for a while but there is not so much to tell. Life is still great actually, too good to be true ;) ... still keep training and do all the necessary daily activities i did till now. Nothing changed.

Let me also tell that i will send out my next newsletter (who have done subscription for that in my website) only in August. Hope i have some interesting things to tell then ;) lol

Meanwhile we have enjoyed and continue enjoying our summer in Belgium. I put few nice pictures here :) the first one is when we went to see car racing on Zolder Circuit (
Next nice 24 hours racing is in August and at the moment we plan to go to watch that too ;).. here is a LINK about this race.

The other picture below is made in one view tower (Sas4-Toren) in Dessel :) .. there was a pancakes boat (pannenkoeken boot) and i had such a desire to go there and eat pancakes but we didnt... damn ;) You see the boat just between our heads ;) lol

Then we keep going to some summer activities (here are lots of festivals to go, cant even follow sometimes) and keeping training, going to surfing. Lately my surfing means that Guy is surfing and i do some inline skating in that area as these places in Holland, where we go to surfing, have a great bicycle roads, also good for skating :) So, we enjoy the summer fully, especially during weekend, then we dont stay at home LOL

Its always so hot.... ;).. and i know that in Estonia is even hotter.. i would send some rain ;) lol .. just this morning we had a great rain.. lol

Oke, i will keep myself busy.. go to gym for instance ;)

Take care and enjoy everything you do :)
Always yours Gerbel

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