Tuesday, April 27, 2010

FIBO 2010

Hey my dear friends,

Its the end of April and i suppose its the last blog on this month ;) and of course i will tell you about my visit to FIBO 2010 on Saturday, the 24 April. (22-25 April 2010 will be FIBO 2010 - The Leading International Trade Show for Fitness, Wellness & Health, in Essen, Germany.)

It was such a fun event, it was for me first time to visit such a big sport event and i loved it, what a great experience :) I went there with Guy and Patricia, both are my biggest fans i think ;) and so we met lots of well built worldwide famous athletes (bodybuilders, fitness, bodyfitness, bikini, powerlifters, strongmen and so forth) and saw or better to say tried many great workout equipment. Lets say if i would have money then i would buy Kinesis wall at home (first picture here me with the cables and mirror behind). Though i love also to go to gym and enjoy training with other people around, but this mirror Kinesis is impressive and fancy LOL.
The Intek Strength dumbbells were also very handy and we had a great chat with their representatives :)

So I met nice, very friendly athletes and had lovely chat with some of them :)

We also met our Estonian delegation. It was so great to see you guys (Argo, Jüri, Lauri and Dima). :))

There was Physique TV on a place and took a small interview from me. Will try to find it ;)

Then i was challenged for armwrestling. Im not a great armwrestler but....

...there was also little Brutal Challenge in biceps barbell curls and it went well. I did 50 reps with 20kg EZ-bar. :) hmm lovely, never thought i could do so many ;)

Oke.. here is the PHOTO GALLERY IN MY ACTIVITIES PAGE and i hope to upload more pictures after a while, when I receive more from other picture makers ;)

Till then enjoy anyhow :)

Best, Gerbel


  1. :) vaatasin juba feissbuukist ka pilte ... päris karm seltskond ikka koos :) Kallid sulle!

  2. Hi Gerbie,

    Thanks for the lovely post and it's nice to see that you had a real fun time in Essen meeting many friendly people:)) It's also good that you managed to meet the Estonian delegation, Argo, Juri,Lauri and Dima:))

    I have never heard of this Kinesis machine, so what type of exercises can you do with it? Seeems like a cool workout you got though:)) WOW!! I didn't realise you could do soooo many reps with those barbells, when i look at you i feel kinda weak ya know, lol!!:)) But many congrads on achieving so high number of reps, as i think i could only do 1 rep;)), only just though, hahaha:)) he says sweating as he just sees your pixs:))

    Thanks for providing all those photos, you're looking sexier, feminine and stronger each day that i see you and WOW!!! I didn't know you were that strong as it seems that you have really packed on the muscle mass and beating that guy in the arm wrestle looked fun for you, but poor guy he looked pretty tired afterwards, hahaha:))Although i loved it and perhaps you could post more of these type of events:))

    Now when i see the next time i see you remind me to arm wrestle you with two arms instead of one,oki:)) even so you would probably beat me anyways, lol:))

    However, it seemed like an awesome experience meeting many friendly people who share the same passion for the sport and lifestyle as you do and i'm sure this will help to inspire you to excel and become a number one Pro and to fullfill your goals and dreams:))

    Keep up the great work:))

    God bless and best wishes,