Monday, March 22, 2010

Ski Vacation, Val d'Allos, France

Hey my dear friends and fans ;)

Long time no writing, probably you wondered where have i disappeared?! Or no?! ;)

We went with Guy to ski vacation for a week (13-20 Mar) - our 5 month late and promised honeymoon trip. We found a nice (last offer) trip to Val d'Allos (Le Foux), South-France and it was excellent timing as the weather was just perfect. Every day when we skied (6 days on a row) the sun was shining and it was -4 C in up mountains (2500m) and on the ground it kept around 10-20 C. There wasnt much wind and it was just perfect sunny weather to ski and we did, we started around 10am and finished around 4pm in the afternoon. Meanwhile we had about 1 hour lunch break and perhaps few small breaks more but otherwise i would say we skied about 4 hours per day. It was a lot and very tiring and by Friday we were dead, so last 6th day we skied actually about 2 hours and then just enjoyed the sun in one small snack cafe (our favorite) up in mountains.

The living place was 100m away from the ski area, it was small studio kind apartment for 2-6 persons (bedroom with nice double bed, living room and open kitchen, small extra room with 2 extra beds and separate bath room and toilet). It was very nice, clean and comfortable.

Unfortunately the internet connection wasnt available, we could buy the access but we didnt, so after we got back my mail box was full of unread mails and it took for some time to look all through, still have to send few reply's but i hope by the end of the week i will be good again with my mails, reply's and updates ;)

Ah yeah, we went there by car, we started in the late evening on Friday the 12th, overnighted in small hotel somewhere near Lyon and by the evening on Saturday we arrived to Val d'Allos.
And a week later, Saturday, 20th, we drove back, starting at 10am and we arrived at 11pm in Antwerpen. It was really bad driving as just then the weather turned bad, so we got most of our road back rain showers ;) ...We were really lucky as all the ski days were nice sunny weather.

With this nice weather, of course, we did lots of pictures and videos. Pictures you are welcome to see HERE and few videos you might find from YouTube. For my site members the videos are HERE and more pictures, posing with the sun (yes, i did some posing pictures outside with a snow and sun) are HERE. So, if you are not a member then you are always welcome to become one!! :)

And to my loving husband.... i would like to thank you for so great and lovely vacation! You are the best!! :) I love you!!!

Lots of warm and loving wishes to all,
Your Gerbel

And finally my skiing skills ;)


  1. wow :) lahe ... kadedaks ajad niimoodi juu :) kuigi, mul siin vaikselt lumest juba siiber, aga juba ei jõua ära oodata, millal tekib võimalus teile sinna külla tulla. Nüüd see asi veidi lihtsam ka ;) kuna olen nüüd ametlikult autorooli lubatud. Roosa juhiluba rahakotivahel ;)

  2. Hei mmmm...
    Vaata, aga vaata või autojuht... rõõm kuulda loomulikult :) Meie õnnitlused!! :)
    .. ja ei jõua ära oodata, millal meid külastate :)

  3. Hey Gerbie,

    WOW!!!:)) Nice to hear that you and Guy had a lovely time on ya hols:))) I didn't realise that not only are you a good bodybuilder but you are a great skier too:)) Thanks for the pixs, they are nice and clear and the comp prep were awesome, long awaited for, but well worth it:)) Keep training hard and it would be great to see you in Tallinn compete at the end of the year, winning another Championships:))

    Have a nice sunday and take care,

  4. Hey Rhys, thank you for the nice comment :) Im glad you enjoyed the pictures and videos ;)
    Lots of lovely wishes to you and your loved ones :)

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