About my training :)


Just yesterday i had great workout in gym, shoulders and triceps. Usually i dont do weights on weekend but it was exception. Usually on weekend we do all other things with little Lexie and keep active, sometimes ice-skating or long walkings, playgrounds  ;) ... now the ice-skating season is over, should start rollerblading as i used to do it a lot when i lived still in Estonia. ;)
Here is the shoulder workout: DB press video link in YOUTUBE :)

From this week i started to bike to gym (during winter season used tram as my transport) and as i go there every week day then it counts always 1 hour bike per day, 5 times per week. Its a great cardio for me :)

I know i should do more videos from my trainings and hope to do them in the future. For instance for chest training i do DB chest presses with 30kg dbs  x 20-30 reps. Have done also with 40kg dbs and that i would like to take on video for you next time :)

Soon FIBO !!!
In 3 weeks, 5-6 April, there is FIBO in Köln (Koeln) in Germany and i go to visit it on weekend, both days. So, i hope to see some of my friends and fans ;).. perhaps some armwrestling ;) lol ...
Usually i see some guys also from Estonia, perhaps this year too and if yes then for sure we need to do few pix ;)

I have had lot of questions regarding my competitions and if i will do some this year or not?!?
I plan yes, second half of this year :)

Ok.. i let you go, its nice weather outside and we should make something of this day :)
Take care and im always happy to read some comments in FB or blog :) xx

Gerbel :)



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