Thursday, December 27, 2012 photoshoot

Hello dear friends and fans :)

I had incredible photoshoot with Eric Franck who is doing the website

We did actually videos and photos with 3 different outfits.. of course the Santa's Baby had to be first and it came online just in time, isnt it lovely.

So, if your interested to see videos and photos of this photoshoot then you need to become member of the site!!! :)

For my website members i have some of these photos up in small format.

Then i updated and put up some new pictures to my bodybuilding page from last contest in Hungary. So its kinda fulfilled now.

Also, I have lot of pictures from my training in December before contest. Still need to put them up to my training page (for members only), so i hope to see some new members soon :)
Your always welcome ... JOIN ALREADY NOW :) first pix are already up ;)

I also was in FLEX magazine Highlights (January issue nr 1) on 1 full page and it was good timing again as the same magazine had just nice 2 full pages advertisement of the website i speak here (fullframemuscle). So it was really fun :)

Oke, I let you go and hope to hear from you .. always welcome to give some feedback and comments :)  ( or click here)


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