Sunday, October 21, 2012

One week off from contest

Hey guys,

Have been so busy with Lexie and training and home so forth, that i havent had much time to be online. Mostly just could check my mails and reply if needed ;)...

Anyhow im one week off from my contest (Belgium Nationals I - look info HERE) and what i say, im always kinda not ready, always there is something what i want to be better. Ohh well, i think it is with every competitor.

Erko did yesterday one picture when i was practicing my posing... here it is :)

Probably some of you have seen the last video of Lexie in the gym.. she wants to do and does everything what you do for exercises ;) .. here is the youtube link :)

Lexie in gym

We go to gym with Lexie 6 days per week presently before contest, thats a reason also why im not online even on Mondays as i usually was. Yeah, i hope to have some more time for you, my dear friends and fans, after the contest and get into normal routine. :) Meaning, Mondays a bit online and house work and other weekdays, beside weekend, gym as usual. :)

The next post will be after the contest and hopefully also lots of new pictures :)
Tot dan, xx
Gerbel :)

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