Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Trip to Turkey 20-27 June 2012

Hello my dear friends,

I was a lot offline because we went to holidays to Turkey.. again, second time this year, cool heeee ;)
Anyhow we enjoyed it a lot, did some nice shopping ;) lol

Though the hotel, Alkocula Adakule, where we stayed, was a bit worn out and not nice service. So, if you plan to go there then dont expect 5 star as the advertisement telling. But we enjoyed it anyhow as you can see from the pictures. Especially Lexie got lot of swimming experience and thats good :)

We met again nice people of course also and that was fun. ;)

Here are the main photogallery and vidoes. For members i have more.

Now, next week from Monday we go together with Lexie, just two of us, papa stays home, to Estonia. Mainly we stay at my mama's place in Pärnu but sure we will visit also Tallinn. So, i hope during this 3 weeks i will be able to see all my dear friends.

Anyhow, Lexie gets lots of flying with plains during this year. She is not the easiest passenger, always needs lots of attention and something to do. She is crasy girl as her mama i guess LOL.

See you in Estonia!!
Till then..
Your Gerbel

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