Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Hello dear friends,

Yeah, havent been online for a while nor havent had possibility to check emails till now. Why? You asking...
Because i got sick, very badly actually (pneumonia) and now the recovery will be long. Last week Wednesday had my last hard training and after it i went home and by the time i got home i had temperature 40 already.. very bad, so i was struggling with the fever but also with breathing and by Thursday late evening my husband had to bring me to hospital as i wasnt able to breath almost at all. I think i was in time with the treatment and the recovery is good though it will take few more weeks for sure till i can start with real trainings and workouts as im used to. :( .. but everything will go well.. i keep being positive.

Hope it will not harm my plans to compete in May. I do my best to get well soon and continue with my trainings. Presently im still in hospital, not happy about that.

Lexie is with papa at home and they are doing fine, though we see that Lexie is missing me and Stafke the cat also.

Oke.. it was a quick message. Hope to have more positive news soon :)

xx Gerbel :) xx

PS! Thursday will get out :) xx


  1. Kiiret paranemist ja varsti päike, siis ilmad soojad, mõjub ka turgutavalt :)

  2. tänud Katike :) .. homme saan haiglast välja ja hakkan jälle rahulikult trennidega peale.. :) .. kallid :) xx

  3. Hey Gerbies,

    Sorry to hear about you contracting pneumonia, and i hope you're feeling better and that i can offer you some words of comfort;)) Take care and i wish you a speedy recovery as when all is said and done i know that nothing will get in your way towards fullfilling your goals and dreams in life:)) Don't let this lil hiccup set you back towards competing as before you know it you'll be standing on stage this May as the number 1 champ:)) My thoughts and prayers are with you:))

    Keep strong and positive.

    Your friend,

  4. Hey Rhys, Im so happy to hear from you and thank you for your nice wishes and concern.. i will be fine and i do my best to achieve what i so much have worked for.
    I just have to change my training and rest pattern as lately didnt sleep enough cos Lexie doesnt and if she sleeps then i train or do something else. So i need to have more rest and then my health and immune system will stay good and unbreakable :)
    Anyhow, thank you for your message and take a good care yourself also :) .. with love, Gerbel :)