Saturday, October 9, 2010

6 month pregnancy (pix & videos)

Hey all :)

Im very fine.. feeling good, sometimes tired but its normal i guess. Baby is growing and kicking greatly, she also wakes me up during night around 4am ;) lol.. though i love the feeling :)

Training goes also as good as it can, get to gym 2-3 times per week and do lots of walking. As the little gym where i work is 1 hour walking distance then if the weather allows i always go there by foot :)
I put up few pictures of that sweet little gym to my website (training gallery) and for members there are some nice videos to see, so go to video page :)
As you see its very simple little basic gym (health center) and most of my clients are for rehab or they have some other problems (back, knees, etc.... so, we have everything we need there to get the body and heath better). :)

Anyhow enjoy the video and also your weekend,
Best wishes,

PS! To see one of the videos, click on the picture :)

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