Monday, August 9, 2010

Skating in Holland

Dear all,

The weekend was great, got to do some inline skating, who has member access, there are few pictures and also video clip :)) .. it was a great small cardio :) On weekends Guy loves to go to surfing and as im not so good at it then i prefer skating instead :)) LOL

Otherwise life is nice as always, the weather is not so hot here as in Estonia but the sun is shining and its warm enough to walk outside in short sleeves.
I keep training, only wish i could go by bike to gym (by bike its 30 min to Bill's gym) and to have extra cardio but its not possible, always get headache in the evening when i have gone to gym by bike. So i keep using tram for that. Oh well, the overall strength training is good anyhow :)

The weeks are passing so quick lately and September month isnt far and the dutch language school also... but as time is passing, then the October month is really near by, i already booked tickets to Estonia. :)
Just for your information, that i will be in Estonia from 11 till 19 October. Is that cool!! :)
Cant wait to meet all my friends there :)

Oke.. i let you go, and enjoy there,

PS! The bird picture.. i dont know what was wrong with that bird but he hold the leg up as he was trying to copy me and my skating ;) LOL


  1. Sau üle pika aja! Ma olen hakanud ka rullimas käima taas, aga peale seda, kui käeluu puruks sõideti 4 a tagasi, käin nüüd hästi vara hommikul, kui ma ainuke sõitja :D Igahates mõnus on küll ja koormust annab hästi! Tervitused teile sinna kaugele, kallid ka!

  2. Hei hei... rõõm kuulda :) Sul on täiesti õigus, ettevaatlik peab olema ;)
    Ja kuidas vorm, kas oktoobris ikka võistled?! ;)
    Kallistades! :)