Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FLEX magazine

Hey my friends,

Just today got a new number of FLEX magazine (March 2010, No 3 NL) and what a nice surprise, I was in ;) .. all our Bill's team was in, of course :)
Anyhow it was about the last contest I had in Belgium: IFBB Nationals I & Belgium Fed Cup 2009.

See the cut-outs (pictures) from my site PUBLISHED WORK (4 last pictures after marriage article pictures). Hope you enjoy it the same as i do :) .. of course who know me then they also know that they mixing up my first and family name, they keep doing it all the time ;) LOL Oh well... one day they do know me better and .... ;)

Please enjoy the rest of the week and enjoy my Chicken salad too, just did it today and you will find the recipe from my RECIPE page :)

Otherwise everything is oke with me, I do at least once a day my gym training, though all my weekends are more or less just for enjoyment, no training, sometimes just light training followed with saunas :)
During week i go still to my dutch lessons (2.1) for 3 days per week and then keep giving personal trainings. So the days flying away quicker than i wish sometimes but at least im busy and not bored ;)

Oke, I let you go now and hope you enjoy the new things in my site :)
I have some more things to put up to my site, just give me some time, will include them ASAP :)

Always think of you, take care,
Gerbel :)

PS! Happy Estonian Independence Day to all Estonians :) ...on 24 Feb :)

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