Monday, June 22, 2009


Tere Hi there :)

On weekend 20 June we all and team were in Pärnu, had great FitDay event in Rüütli street inside and front of FitShop, and also trainings in Kimber's Club :)

It was a nice event , full of fun, degustations, training, contest (read about results and find a links to pictures of the bench press contest from the news page)

In the evening we had a great grill and sauna and let me thank you all the organisators and participants (small or big, doesnt matter) because it was a lovely event. Ain you are the greatest :D

Regretfully i have to say that this event was my last one.. will be resigned from work and the last day in FitShop will be 10 July. After that going to Belgium. Dont worry, i will not forget you ;) .. i come back as often as i can, need or want. Surely will continue competing and do that for Estonia as long i keep doing it, and i will :) for some time certainly :) I love to sport and all the show what includes it :PPP

Here is a great picture of our Fitness team :)

Enjoy the summer and keep living healthy!!

Best regards,
Your Gerbel


  1. Great post :) Hope there will be more fitness enthusiasts in our home town :))
    When after the 2 days of public holidays do you think we can meet? I'm not going to work on Friday, if that's of any help ;)

  2. Hey hey... thanks :)
    On Friday im working.. so for me there could be possible to do something on Saturday and Sunday, on week days im working as Rosin is on vacation for some time now :) ;)
    Best :)

  3. Aga kuidas oleks siis kui teeks trenni laupäeval, mis aeg sulle sobiks?

  4. Hei hei Katja.. laupäeval kell 1200 näiteks zelluloosis :) kuidas sobiks?!

  5. Sobib ikka, tulen kohale. Siis kui pärast kuuma päikest antakse, võib ka ohutul ajal randa minna :)

  6. Üritame tunniga hakkama saada, siis ongi kõige kuumem aeg randa minna ;) irw
    Näeme siis homme Zelluloosis kell 1200 :)