2020, time flies

Hey all guys and girls,

Damn, time flies, you get older and the time seems unstoppable ;)

Hope in your end all is good.
My end, it’s great.

It has been so many things going on, all life has been a big challenge lately, but I like to be positive and I am. So, there has been always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Many things have had happened last 2-3 years in all single levels of my life and it has been difficult in times but I have been lucky.

I had some health problems but I got over it. Lets say I got really lucky and I'm very grateful for it.  Closer friends know what it was about, I will never be really ready to share it I guess but lets say "Thank you God".

I have done some trainings but not very regular. Couldn't go heavy because of my health issues, but gradually I will get back to the regular physical exercising.
Its not important to go really heavy, its important to do regular physical training and eat healthy. That was my moto when I wasn't able to train. I kept eating a good food for my body.
Yes,  I wasn't able to train much in certain times, and that was hard, mentally hard not to be able to train and the diet.  I had to follow other kind of diet and that took some big adjustments and challenge to keep my shape where I wanted it to be :)
.... Now I'm back normal, can eat actually all I want, but I like to keep it healthy, not too much yank food and regular physical exercises keeping it together.

I definitely have decreased my muscle mass but its okay. I feel good in my body. Many people asking if I still do contests. No, I retired. Last contest was 2016.
How about present form, few present pictures :)

When I look myself, I see few more wrinkles, but how time flys I mostly see it in Lexie, how big girl she is become.

She is 9 years young now and omg, she is one hell of the girl. She is lovely, at school she is doing good, just finished 3rd grade. Training wise she does play tennis and also Thai boxing.  I think girl has to know how to defend herself if needed.
We kept going to skating, we both love it.  On winter time a skiing is another activity she loves. Very strong girl.

Picture from birth and new 2020 year celebration.

I will add also pictures of Staffie, we miss him. 😒😒😒

Stay safe to all!


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